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Sujet : Republicans aim for Patriots fans by lin

All is fair in love,war and apparently politics.Republicans are aiming to sway Patriots fans at the ballots byimplicating a connection between Democratic candidateHillary ClintonandDeflategate.According to  Frank Gore Jersey, Clinton has received almost $250,000 in donations from investigating lawyers from the NFL scandal, including a$2,700 donationfrom Ted Wells, whose legal team investigated the Patriots and Tom Brady following last seasons AFC championship game.MORE: Deflategate timeline | NFL didn't record PSI in footballs checksIf Hillary Clinton wants to convince New Hampshire Andrew Williamson Jersey  voters that she shares their values, taking a quarter of a million dollars in campaign cash from Ted Wells and  Kristjan Sokoli Jersey his law firm isnt the way to go about it, said Ian Prior, communications director of Karl Roves American Cro sroads group.Wells investigation resulted in a four-game suspension being handed to Brady by NFL commi sioner Roger Goodell, though that decision was later overturned by a federal judge.Patriots fans may have already been leaning towardthe Republican side of the ballot after Brady referred to Donald Trump as a  Darryl Morris Jersey good friend in December. Republican hopeful Ted Cruz also scored points with New England fans last summer when he said Brady was framed.