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Sujet : Adidas has been popular on social media

Adidas has been popular on social media

Adidas has signed big-name athletes, like James Harden and Von Miller, and celebrities, like Karlie Kloss and Kanye West. It signed a new deal with Major adidas shoes sale League Soccer, endorsed eight first-round NFL Draft picks and became an official partner of the NHL.

Its products have also been popular on social media -- feeds have been flooded with users wearing Adidas."Customers started wanting more casual style and retro looks," Svezia said.

Adidas adidas casual shoes is still expanding in the U.S.It recently launched a "speed factory," an automated manufacturing center, in Atlanta that helps the company make and distribute shoes during peak demand.

On Wednesday, King announced plans for a new office in downtown Los Angeles as part of a company strategy to make an impact in key global cities.

"Influential cities drive trends adidas originals shoes not only across the U.S., but around the world," King said in a statement about L.A. "It's a hub for entertainment, sport and fashion. It's home to some of the best teams and athletes in the world. It's right where we want to be."