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Sujet : Sabres D Ruhwedels Boston homecoming bec

BUFFALO, N.Y. - In the aftermath of  Lorenzo Mauldin Jersey the Boston Marathon bombings, Sabres rookie defenceman Chad Ruhwedel has one more reason to be thankful for making the jump to the NHL.Had Ruhwedel not elected to end his college career at UMa s Lowell to sign with Buffalo last weekend, he would have likely spent Monday with his friends watching the marathon not far from the finish line where two bombs exploded."It's kind of hit me," Ruhwedel said, after practice Tuesday. "It's hard to think about sometimes: 'I could've been there.' Fortunately, I wasn't. And I'm really praying for everyone who Lawrence Thomas Jersey  was."Ruhwedel said his friends were unhurt after being not far from where three people were killed and more than 170 wounded.And he'll get an up-close reminder of what happened later Tuesday, after the Sabres travelled to Boston, where they'll play the Bruins the following day.The game will be the Mark Sanchez Jersey  first profe sional sporting event to take place in Boston since the bombings.The Bruins' home game against the Senators on Monday night was postponed to April. 28. The NBA cancelled the Celtics' home game Tuesday against Indiana. And the Red Sox have left town to open a three-game series at Cleveland.Ruhwedel's thoughts of making a homecoming have suddenly become secondary."Oh, that's not important to me. I just want to make sure everybody's OK down there," said the 22-year-old, who's played two games with the Sabres. "My homecoming is nothing compared to that."Also placed on the backburner for now, was talk of the Sabres continuing their late-season playoff push. Players and team officials were instead expre sing sorrow, sympathy and dismay in the wake of  Anthony Johnson Jersey the tragic events.