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Jomira Optic Instruments
We at Jomira offer a wide range of various products - jewelry Ben Roethlisberger Jersey , watches, electronics, radios, and other products. However, we are most proud for selling our hand held telescopes, pocket telescope microscope products, and other optical products.
We are one of the rare places on the Web where you can find a high-quality handheld telescope for a discount and affordable price. That is why anyone interested in astronomy and biology but short on budget should order optical instruments from us.
About Jomirascope™
If you are on the hunt for the best portable microscope that is at the same time a handheld telescope, then you should purchase Jomirascope™ from us. We offer this pocket telescope microscope for a discontinued and affordable price.
These are the features of this telescope which belongs to the category of hand held telescopes:
• 8x20 Optics
• 20mm Objective Lens
• 8x Magnification
• 25x Microscope Attachment
We sell this optical instrument for only $59.95, and we are also the only exclusive United States importer of this product. We can guarantee that you won’t find anywhere else on the Internet best portable microscope as Jomirascope™ for such an affordable price than on our company’s website.
Advantages of Jomirascope™
The main advantage of this pocket telescope microscope which belongs to the category of hand held telescopes is its small size. Because of its small size Antonio Brown Jersey , Jomirascope™ can fit into any pocket.
Despite its small size, the best portable microscope Jomirascope™ boasts with 8x20 prismatic and hard-coated optics which provide an 8x magnification. Jomirascope™ is a handheld telescope which has a field of 366 feet.
With Jomirascope™, you will be able to explore various space bodies, including the Moon and the rings of the Saturn. This tells us just how powerful such a minuscule pocket telescope microscope as Jomirascope™ is. If you purchase three Jomirascope™ hand held telescopes today, you will get one for free!
Our Return Policy
In case you order our Jomirascope™ pocket telescope microscope and you find out that it has some mistakes, you can feel free to return it within 30 days after you have purchased it.
After we have received Jomirascope™ best portable microscope, we will refund your money. This makes us one of the most reliable websites for ordering optical instruments.
It is every personal trainers dream; to own their own private studio which caters to your clients every need - the thought is so appealing; who wouldn't want a perfect environment to nurture your client’s fitness needs and see them climb the ladder of excellence?

There certainly are many benefits to owning your own gym, but there are also fundamental drawbacks which need to be seriously assessed before you take the plunge and move from personal trainer to gym owner.

The thought process about being in total control of your career (which leads one to think they need their own gym) comes at the point in time when as a trainer, you have either been a tenant in a large chain; paying a fixed monthly rental (the trainer believes there is no value) or you have been working on a commission basis inside a smaller facility for a period of time. Either way; the personal trainer has a lifespan and needs to be shown heshe is progressing in their career - a stagnant trainer Steelers Alejandro Villanueva Jersey , good or bad will look to move on at some point in time - be it the right or wrong career decision.

Below are 10 key factors you need to recognize when considering to go it on your own!

As a business owner you instantly have responsibilities not only to yourself and your landlord but to staff under your employment and constant expenses that you can’t run from! Basically, whatever your expenses look like on a spreadsheet double them!

Decide on what type of facility you would like to build and make sure you meet the equipment and space requirements that your clients would expect. I believe that in this industry, your location is of the utmost importance, position yourself in an area close to your client base and potential clients who have the disposable income to use your services. Ensure there is sufficient parking and that your clients training experience exceeds their expectations each and every time they work-out!

Understand your break-even point; rental and equipment repayment will be your largest expenses. Make your facility expenses fit into your monthly budget not the other way around!

You need to be above board and follow suit with the requirements of SARS (South African Revenue Services).

Success never comes without hard work! You have no set working hours and will need to have 100 % commitment in order to reap the rewards - it’s a tough and competitive market, survival of the fittest! At least 50% of your time should be spent working on how you are going to make yourself different to your competitor and how you are going to generate additional revenue streams from your existing client base. (No more beach day when its 37 degrees on a Friday afternoon!)

Keep the relationship with your clients personal but more importantly professional. There is no space for ego or burning bridges in this unique industry. It is vital your clients understand your policies and procedures and that although the business of personal training is a “fun” industry to be in, there are still very real monthly costs to keep your treadmills running.

To nurture your client base keep up with the latest fitness trends; employ quality staff, be an excellent mentor and promote continuing education.

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