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Every word on your websites sales page should communicate a clear message. Before sitting down to write the sales copy zapatillas onitsuka tiger mujer , make sure you are clear about the product or service you are offering, the price, bonuses, time limits, features and benefits. However, this is only half the battle! You need to spend as much time, if not more time on the design. In this article, I will give you the basic ingredients you need in your sales copy and some of the secret design tricks that will make you website sell. First off asics onitsuka tiger baratas , you need to grab your reader's attention by sharing with them the basic "How To" or "Secret" in the headline. For example: "How to Get Out of Debt in 30 Days!", "The Inside Secrets of Professional Copywriters", "Finally! A Better Way to Capture Leads", "Unlock the Secrets of How to Make a Fortune Online". All these headlines explain how to get a benefit faster or reach out to the reader's curiosity. Take a look at newspaper headlines and magazines for inspiration. Put the heading in (h1) or a very large bold font. Arial or Verdana works best in a red color and centered at the top of the page. Next, you will want a sub heading that will give the reader additional benefits. For example: "How I use these techniques to rake in millions every year!" Follow this with an introductory paragraph or testimonial. The heading should be (h2) or a slightly smaller large bold font in black. Now insert this entire section inside a table using a black border and a yellow background. The table should be 400 pixels wide or 75% the width of the page and centered. Next, you will begin the main body of your sales copy with a shocking paragraph or two. Use standard size font and left align. For example: "Start building your eye-ball grabbing sales letter the easy way. Etc..." Avoid long sentences and just write what you think is the main important message. Of course, even the most compelling text will usually just get skimmed at this point. So how do you stop them in their tracks and get them to read your sales copy? Easy! Just start the first letter of this paragraph (and every paragraph) with a "drop cap". This is simply a large graphical letter instead of the usual boring text. The letter should be about 3 times the size of a normal letter and it should be in a different font. Something fancy like a cursive "T" will do nicely here. Then bold the rest of that first word. After the first paragraph or two, you want to reveal the name of the product or service. Use (h3) and center it below the introductory paragraphs. For example: "101 Compelling Ideas". Now follow up with another paragraph or testimonial in a color box. Use graphical bullet points or graphical checkmark boxes detailing the benefits of your product. You'll also want to highlight the key points throughout the sales copy just like you were using a highlighter pen. This can be easily done with a .css style sheet. Any number of html editors will have a help section on how to do this. If nothing else asics onitsuka tiger españa , at least use a bold tag (b). At this point you should offer a free bonus andor newsletter to capture the readers email. Use the colored box technique, present your offer and insert your lead capture form. Most Autoresponder services will provide you with the code to insert here. Always add a privacy disclaimer "Your name and email address will not be sold, shared or disclosed to anyone. We promise to respect your privacy." On the next line, center a hyperlink to order your product in bold text. "Click Here To Order Now". If you have any additional free bonuses that will go with readers order, add them here. Be brief, but use the same techniques to sell them on the bonuses. Include a dollar value with each bonus. For example: "If you act now, I will include "30 Days to Better Sales Copy" a $27 value - FREE!" Then summarize everything the reader will get with their order, along with the total value of the free bonuses. Be sure to emphasize that these bonuses are only available if the order "today" or by "Jan 5". This will give them a reason why they need to buy now and create a sense of urgency. Now begin your closing paragraph. Summarize everything you've told them asics gel respector baratas , what they get, and why they need to buy now. Then add a variation of the following sentences -- Look at it this way -- $ is really a painless drop in the bucket to be able to get your hands on and start using it right away to improve your lifestyle! You Really Can't Afford Not To Invest In "Your Product or Service" It's easy to get started right away. Just click the order link below. -- Then put your order box in a yellow colored box with a check box in front of the text: "Yes, I Just Have To Have This Incredible Package! Count Me In Right Now! It's Easy To Order... Click PayPal Button Below To Order!" Center the above text and put it in (h1) or large bold text. Use a graphical order button showing the payment methods accepted like credit card logos. Finally, scan your real handwritten signature and insert that graphic below Sincerely, "graphic signature" Always include a P.S. and P.P.S. such as: P.S. Imagine how your subscriber list will explode in the next 30 days using these techniques! P.P.S Remember, this is a 100% risk free offer. Test drive it for 30 days, and if your not completely satisfied, return it for a full refund - no questions asked! The graphical signature asics noosa tri 9 mujer baratas , your real name, and the P.P.S will add a nice personal touch and is proven to be very effective. The P.S. should emphasize the main headline and the P.P.S the guarantee. Once you feel your sales copy is complete, put it aside for a while before reading it again. You may spot mistakes or areas of confusion. Then give it to someone else to read. Ask them to skim through it to see if they get the main points of the message. If they do, they can then read each sentence and give you their impression of the letter. Autho .